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"I love creativeness in man & life, the kind that makes you smile, rethink or impresses you. Brands are a part of our life, think about a brand, close your eyes and the world of the brand unfolds in your mind. This is my strength, to build a brand on a long term basis with people, the people that create and those who consume it. The best result for man and company".

Iris worked for more than 25 years for international brands. Starting in advertising FMG followed by fashion and finally she specialized in luxury goods. She worked together with international professionals throughout coaching and management of commercial & creative teams: photographers, artists, designers, producers, marketeers, field specialists, researchers, sales crews etc. Also concepts and organization of large and exclusive events from sports to banking and exclusive luxury brands have no secrets for her.

  • creativeness in man & life
  • brands are a part of our life
  • The best result for man and company
  • to build a brand on a long term basis with and for people
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Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Russia(St-Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg), France, United Kingdom, Spain, Armenia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia.



Following people I would like to thank for all they have done for me: by pushing me, challenging, questioning, some 'kicking-ass' and for especially for all the friendship & great moments we spend together.
Alain Frisson, Aldo Uva, Alessandro Dalmas, Alex Salinas, Alexandra Dankelman, Alexey Vakulenko, André Duval, Anges Mak, Anita De Scheemaecker, Ann Van de Reyd, Anna Beccari, Anna Natuzzi, Anna-Rita Orfino, Annick Goethals, Antonella Disanto, Antonissa Natuzzi, Archie Tchernov, Arlette van Oost, Artem Borunkov, Axelle Red, Bernard Foubert, Birgit Hubloux, Bram Nijman, Brigitte Vandenbroecke, Bruno Vanspauwen, Maria-Louisa Vekemans, Michael Dierckx, Cesaria Larato, Christiane Dardenne, Christoph Dierckx, Cosimo Bardi, Daan Stuiven, Dainis Mednieks, Danny De Raedt, Davy Vanhoof, David Agie de Selsaeten, Debora Laterza, Diego Babbo, Dirk Swartenbroekx, Ece Kutay, Elke Pintens, Els Somers, Els Verrelst, Ettore Lascaro, Federico Mino, Francesco Amendola, Frank Uytenhove, Geert Goessaert, Geert Stox, Gerard Timmermans, Giacomo Ventolone, Grigoriy Yaroshenko, Guillaume Van der Stighelen, Hanne Nuyts, Hans-Günter Grawe, Helle Boe Larsen, Hilde Claes, Holger Bitzer, Isabelle Peeters, Jaklien Theeuwen, Jan Mentens, Jan Mertens, Jef Coenegrachts, Jef Desmedt, Johan Decraemer, John Ghekiere, Karin Donckers, Karina Van Hove, Katrien Vreys, Kerstin Jahn, Koen Bolssens, Koen Peeters, Kris Govaerts, Kristin Verellen, Kurt Stallaert, Lauren West, Leentje Verlinden, Liesbeth Wouters, Lieve Vanlessen, Luc Bridel, Luc Mortelmans, Luciana Martino, Lucie Kuricová, Ludo Van Dijck, Ludo Vekemans, Maria Argenzio, Marie-Louise Vekemans, Marleen Lateur, Martine Despeghel, Martine Prenen, Maurits Mentens, Michele Benelli, Michèle Van Steyvoort, Michelle Qian, Mimo Cavallo, Monique Geritsen, Morton Halvorsen, Nunzia Natuzzi, Oleg Spiridenok, Olga Pavlova, Paolo Cuman, Pasquale Natuzzi, Patricia Deloof, Paul Bellaert, Pekka Animo, Philipe Maes, Pia Cecca, Pieter Van Kerkhoven, Raymond Reweghs, Renie Danneels, Rita Schroeven, Roger Thomas, Sander Marijnissen, Sarah Nuyts, Serge Leblon, Sigrid De Mol, Stefan Claes, Stefano Paul Zanenga, Stefano Sette, Stéphane Dauge, Sylvain Gadeyne, Sylvie Zunsheim, Tania Di Matera, Tony Gram, Valeria Lanzilotta, Valérie Defraeye, Valérie Degueldre, Véronique De Kock, Vicky Hendrickx, Vittorio Basile, Vittorio Notarpietro, Viviane Burges, Vlady Kristensen, Wim Pijper, Yves Govaerts,...

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